Friday, February 03, 2006

Wetterling Round-up

I've been ill today, which I why I haven't blogged until now.

“With her deeply disappointing decision to break her word and run for Congress again in the Sixth Congressional District, Patty Wetterling sadly became just another politician today.

“During her brief U.S. Senate campaign, Patty Wetterling said repeatedly that she would not run again in the Sixth District. Patty Wetterling has acknowledged that she cannot win in the Sixth because she is too far to the left of most people in the district. Today’s announcement will no doubt dishearten many who took Patty Wetterling at her word.”

-Ron Carey, Chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota (Source: MNGOP Press Release, Feb. 3, 2006)

"I’m not going to run for the 6th District. The numbers show me that. . . I will not win.”

--Patty Wetterling, Pioneer Press, April 20, 2005

“Tinklenberg on Thursday said Wetterling had assured him repeatedly that she would stay in the Senate race. ‘I take her at her word,’ he said.”

Star Tribune, January 20, 2006

Circle Pines, MN – The Phil Krinkie for Congress Campaign questioned the credibility of Patty Wetterling today after she announced she is running for Congress in the 6 th District. Wetterling has made several strong public statements claiming she would not run for the 6th District Congressional seat, now she’s going back on her word.

“If we can’t trust Patty Wetterling to keep her word about her political plans, how can voters in the 6th District trust her promises during the campaign?” said Phil Krinkie. “First she said she couldn’t win in the 6th District, so she ran for the Senate. Now she realizes she can’t win the Senate race so she’s back to the 6th District. What’s next?”

Krinkie also noted he is the most prepared to face off against Wetterling if she becomes the Democrat nominee because he has consistently led the Republican field in fundraising and has the most election experience, having won reelection seven times over 14 years.

With $266,000 cash on hand, Krinkie leads all candidates (Democrat and Republican) heading into the 2006 election year. He is the only Congressional challenger candidate in the country to be endorsed by the Club for Growth and the Free Enterprise Fund PAC, two nationally recognized pro-growth, free enterprise organizations. (Source: Krinkie for Congress Press Release, Feb. 3, 2006)


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