Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Switcheroo trifecta?

Could Mike Hatch be the third DFL candidate to switch races this cycle?

Last September Kelly Doran switched from the Senate race to the Governors race after his candidacy failed to take off.

Last week, Patty Wetterling announced that she will run for Congress in the 6th, after stating several times that she would not do so. She had turned down a previous offer from Hatch to run as her Lt. Gov. candidate.

And then there's Mike Hatch. He has skipped the last three DFL Gubernatorial candidate forums (Jan. 15, 2006; Jan. 30, 2006; Feb. 8, 2006). He even left himself an exit from the gubernatorial race and an entrance into the Attorney General's race.

If he doesn't get close, he said, 'I would run for attorney general. It's a job I love. I like to think I'm pretty good at it.' (Source: Star Tribune, January 25, 2006)

If Hatch were to drop out (I believe he's the most likely of the candidates to do so before caucuses) it would really shake things up. Not only will I have fun watching the DFL in-fighting in the 6th, 2nd and the gubernatorial race, but also in the Attorney general's race.

Will Hatch drop out?

Only time will tell.


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