Wednesday, February 01, 2006

On the bonding bill

Recently, a few bloggers have said Gov. Pawlenty’s proposal for the 2006 Bonding Bill could spell the end of his conservative base’s support.

What these bloggers don’t realize is that there is actually some good Government pork.

I am a fiscal conservative, but I look at Government pork like fat (meaning the fat in food, not the fat around your waist). In recent years much discussion has been paid to the area of “Good fats” and “Bad Fats.” Good fats are essential to our every day living. They act as the basic building blocks in our body. “Good fats” are much stronger than “bad fats” and help to create a stronger foundation for our bodies.

The same works for government spending. One such area is education, which helps to provide a strong base for the development of the future generations of Minnesotans. Higher education spending works in much the same way. Case-in-point, Gov. Pawlenty’s proposal for the University of Minnesota campus in Rochester. A research University near Minnesota’s premier (and one of the world’s best) medical facilities will help to keep Minnesota a leader in the bio-tech sector for years to come.

Another area which I believe classifies as good pork is Minnesota’s infrastructure. A simple fact is that it’s easier to attract business and to grow communities when there is a strong infrastructure. We all complain about the conditions of our road, which are the responsibility of the government. Public transportation can help to revitalize areas which have been hurt economically, although I believe it can be done at a much lower price.

So remember, not all Government pork is bad. Some of these projects represent an investment in our state’s future. An investment from which we will have many rewards in the years to come.


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