Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hatch Flip-Flop of the week #12

Mike Hatch Flip-Flops on "Revolving Door" Between Insurance Industry and Commerce Department

After Long Criticizing “Revolving Door” Between Insurance Industry And Commerce Department, Hatch Became Chairman Of Insurance Company. “In what should be a short-lived job, former Minnesota Commerce Commissioner Mike Hatch has been named chairman of a troubled insurance company, First United. … Hatch was Minnesota’s Commerce commissioner for nine years, during which time be [sic] decried the ‘revolving door’ between insurance companies and the Commerce Department, which regulates insurers. He laughingly recalled those comments Tuesday. ‘Nine years of “revolving door” and now this,’ he said, adding his term as First United’s chairman will end with the company’s sale.” (Steve Brook, “Hatch Named Chairman Of Troubled Insurance Firm Pending Its Planned Sale,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, March 20, 1991)



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