Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fun with fallacies II

Last month, I posted my first "Fun with fallacies" (hat tip to KAR).

The boys at Klobuchar's Machine are getting a little upset over Kennedy's acceptance of a debate, which gives us today's edition of "Fun with fallacies."

Burden of Proof and Red Herring

"Note to KvM: Your comments are turned off. So don't talk to us about a fair debate."

This constitutes two fallacies, the Burden of Proof and Red Herring.

The Burden of Proof fallacy occurs when there is an attempt to place the burden of proof on the wrong side. In this instance, the burden of proof lies on MN Publius (Klobuchar) since they are repudiating KvM's claims. In their post, MN Publius is trying to turn things around and put KvM on the offensive.

The Red Herring occurs when an issue which is not relevant is brought up in order to distract from the main point. It is a classic "against the wall" defense tactic.


At 2:24 PM, Blogger Matt said...

Or, a "snide joke"...

Wow, sorry you take this stuff so seriously that you can't even pick up on humor.


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