Saturday, February 18, 2006


Republican Minnesota will be dormant for the next week.

Friday, February 17, 2006

RNC '08 in Minneapolis

Minneapolis was on a list of cities the RNC asked to bid for the 2008 convention.

This would be great for the Twin Cities area. A large amount of cash would be thrown into the Minnesota economy from all the media, delegates and alternates and the fines paid by protestors.

Walz to announce Sunday

Tim Walz, who many DFLers think could unseat Rep. Gutknect, will formally announce his candidacy this weekend. However, it should be noted that the aforementioned DFLers may be delusional.

Here's a quick peak at what Walz thinks.

"Freedom of speech has its limitations on this, and that that is one of them, that is you cannot just say whatever you think." - Tim Walz (DFL Press Conference, St. Paul, Minnesota, February 16, 2006)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wilde things happen

If you listened very carefully today you could hear a loud “WTF" shouted over the blogsphere.

Peter Idusogie, host of Inside Minnesota Politics will be running against Klobuchar and Bell. Leftist windbag Wendy Wilde has been added as a new host to IMP.

My return

My computer crashed and I just got it back. I will play catch up tonight.

Friday, February 10, 2006

KvM Responds

KvM responds to MN Publius' claim that Klobuchar didn't lie.

Looks like the boys at MN Publius need to look at the facts.
Kennedy did vote for the COPS program.

SNAP! In your FACE Zack!

SD House passes abortion ban

In a 47-22 vote, the South Dakota House passed a bill banning abortions.

Marriage amendment difficulties

The following is a post from a month ago when it looked as if the marriage amendment would not be on the ballot. Check out KvM and Wind Beneath the Right Wing for specifics.

"But it should be noted that this death takes place in the shadow of new life, the sunrise of a new world; a world that our beloved comrade gave his life to protect and nourish." - Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan

Wind Beneath the Right Wing and KvM are reporting on the potential death of the marriage amendment in the state legislature.

While many Minnesotans support such a measure, there are not enough votes in the DFL controlled senate to get the measure to a floor vote. This move is sure to hurt the already struggling Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson with his own reelection bid. Many in his home were upset with his decision to force a shutdown. They are also upset over the lack of movement of the Marriage Amendment, something he could easily get to the floor.

The death of the marriage amendment could be the best thing for GOP candidates in the 2006 legislative races. In many swing districts voter may be motivated to kick out their DFL legislators for not supporting it.

In Greater Minnesota, many conservative Democrats may have to chose between the party's view and the view of their constituents.

So look at is this way, in the shadow of the Marriage Amendment's death comes in the sunrise of the GOP controlled legislature.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Olympics Update

If pissing off North Star Politics was an Olympic sport, I'd be a gold medalist.

Well, it looks like I now have competition.

Kool-Aid Report

Dump Kline bloggers must dump the lies

Whoever runs Dump John Kline needs to find the truth before posting next time.

More on Hatch, the no-show

Yesterday I posted on how the Hatch campaign may be in trouble, based off of Hatch's attendance (or lack thereof) at recent DFL candidate forums.

The headline of MPR's story on yesterday's event was "Hatch keeping low profile as competitors score points at business forum."

Doran, Kelley and Lourey have now appeared at several candidate forums together, but they have yet to share the stage with the fourth Democrat in the race, Attorney General Mike Hatch. Hatch's office said the Business Democrats' event conflicted with a conference call on a prospective pharmaceutical lawsuit. But some Democrats are questioning whether it's part of a deliberate strategy to stay above the fray.

Blois Olson from the newsletter Politics in Minnesota says Hatch needs to ramp up his campaign activity.

"He is the perceived front-runner, but the more he doesn't do, the less he is the front-runner," according to Olson. "And I think the Rose Garden strategy is, you sit in the garden and you smell the roses while everybody else enjoys the bad weather outside, and I think that while he is the front-runner, he has to start acting more like a front-runner and not be so publicly shy."

Olson says Hatch has only a bare-bones campaign operation. Hatch did raise half a million dollars last year, surpassing all of the other Democrats except Doran, who lent his campaign $1.8 million. Hatch's campaign says the attorney general focuses first on his full-time job. (Source: MPR, Feb. 8, 2006)

Klobuchar reaches new low

Ms. Amy Klobuchar has reached a new low, lying about Mark Kennedy's voting record.

She claimed that Kennedy voted against the Community Oriented Policing Services (C.O.P.S.) programs.

The truth (Thanks to KvM): He supported it in some fashion at least four times.

I thought Klobuchar would have known that lying is not acceptable. Perhaps that is why she is so afraid of debating Kennedy and Bell. When she's against the wall, she'll lie through her teeth to make her opponent look bad.

I think the Kennedy campaign should demand an apology.

Note to Doran: Buy your own radio station

Kelly Doran has renewed his tired call for WCCO to can Gov. Pawlenty's weekly radio show.

In a letter to WCCO station executives, DFL Gubernatorial Candidate Kelly Doran's campaign today renewed calls for the radio station to cease airing Governor Tim Pawlenty'’s Weekly Radio Show, contending that as a legally qualified candidate for office, Pawlenty'’s free air time constitutes an illegal corporate campaign contribution under state law.

"“Our legal counsel tells us this free airtime is a violation of election laws,"” said Doran Communications Director Tonya Tennessen. (Source: Doran/Kiscaden Press Release, Feb. 8, 2006)

An "illegal corporate campaign contribution?" I think WCCO knows the law in this area a little better than Doran's legal department.

Officials with WCCO declined an interview request but issued a statement saying they believe Pawlenty is not a legally qualified candidate, and they will continue to air the show. Pawlenty also legally there's no reason to stop doing the show.

"There's established legal standards for when you're a candidate. They're there for a reason. It's settled law and I think we should follow the law. We also said we would differ to WCCO's judgment on it and they agree," Pawlenty said. (Source: MPR, Feb. 3, 2006)

Doran made this same claim a week or so ago. He must receivedieved little press if he renewed his call a week later.

This claim shows how desperate the Doran campaign really is, now they're grasping at straws. If Kelly Doran is so concerned about airtime, why doesn't he go out and buy a radio station and do his own weekly radio show?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006 retooled

The DFL just gave a make over.

What's new besides the layout?

The have changed it from a forum to discuss DFL events, politics and so forth, to a DFL attack blog.

If I were them I would be using it to promote DFLers, not to take cheap shots at their opponents. But it's their money.

Bottom line: It's a MDE wannabe blog. If I was MNGOP Watch, I'd be worried. They're crowding in on your turf.


If pissing off North Star Politics was an Olympic sport, I'd be a gold medalist.

I'm a sexist

Switcheroo trifecta?

Could Mike Hatch be the third DFL candidate to switch races this cycle?

Last September Kelly Doran switched from the Senate race to the Governors race after his candidacy failed to take off.

Last week, Patty Wetterling announced that she will run for Congress in the 6th, after stating several times that she would not do so. She had turned down a previous offer from Hatch to run as her Lt. Gov. candidate.

And then there's Mike Hatch. He has skipped the last three DFL Gubernatorial candidate forums (Jan. 15, 2006; Jan. 30, 2006; Feb. 8, 2006). He even left himself an exit from the gubernatorial race and an entrance into the Attorney General's race.

If he doesn't get close, he said, 'I would run for attorney general. It's a job I love. I like to think I'm pretty good at it.' (Source: Star Tribune, January 25, 2006)

If Hatch were to drop out (I believe he's the most likely of the candidates to do so before caucuses) it would really shake things up. Not only will I have fun watching the DFL in-fighting in the 6th, 2nd and the gubernatorial race, but also in the Attorney general's race.

Will Hatch drop out?

Only time will tell.

MNGOP on Ciresi

"With today's announcement by Mike Ciresi that he will not enter the U.S. Senate race, the DFL elite has made clear they will put forward another ultra-liberal in the mold of Mark Dayton.

"I once again call on Amy Klobuchar to end her poll driven, photo op candidacy and begin to debate the important issues facing Minnesota." - Ron Carey (Source: MNGOP Press Release, Feb. 8, 2006)

What can Sesame Street teach us about the left?

This is brought to you by the letters "R" and "M" and by the number "3."

Which one of these things is not like the other? Which one of these things just doesn'’t belong?

1. Wellstone! memorial
2. Reagan funeral
3. Scott-King funeral

That's right, the answer is number two, the Reagan funeral. Unlike the other two options, the funeral for the greatest president of the 20th century did not turn into a political event.

Of all places politics should be kept at the door, it should be at memorial/funeral services. All that happens is the event being overshadowed by heated political rhetoric.

Ciresi pushed out?

The question is:
What was Ciresi promised to keep him out of the race? Obviously he wants to be a senator. I'd say he was promised a free ride in 2008. Sorry Al.

And now, reaction from Democrats:

Obviously a HUGE boon for the Klobuchar campaign. (Source: MN Publius, Feb. 7, 2006)

No shit.

Ciresi's decision hurts Bell more than it helps. On one hand, he doesn't have to do battle with two well-funded DFL opponents, a tough task considering his relatively small fundraising numbers. On the other, Bell misses out on the benefits of a Ciresi entrance, which would have taken away from Amy's frontrunner image and put media focus back on the fight for the DFL endorsement. (Source: DFL Senate, Feb. 7, 2006)

Actually, it helps Ford Bell. The way I look at it is that Ciresi would have taken a few Klobuchar supporters with him, as well as many,if not most, of Bell's supporters. Also, Ciresi would fair much better in a primary than Bell. Ciresi's candidacy would have ended Bell's run.

Bottom line: The queenmaking continues and now we have two spoiled rich Democrats on the ballot in 2006 and not three.

Loose lips at the DFL

The DFL has shut down it's Yahoo! Group for DFL State Central Committee members following a post on MDE.

I guess MDE is not considered to be a friend of the DFL. Who knew?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fun with fallacies II

Last month, I posted my first "Fun with fallacies" (hat tip to KAR).

The boys at Klobuchar's Machine are getting a little upset over Kennedy's acceptance of a debate, which gives us today's edition of "Fun with fallacies."

Burden of Proof and Red Herring

"Note to KvM: Your comments are turned off. So don't talk to us about a fair debate."

This constitutes two fallacies, the Burden of Proof and Red Herring.

The Burden of Proof fallacy occurs when there is an attempt to place the burden of proof on the wrong side. In this instance, the burden of proof lies on MN Publius (Klobuchar) since they are repudiating KvM's claims. In their post, MN Publius is trying to turn things around and put KvM on the offensive.

The Red Herring occurs when an issue which is not relevant is brought up in order to distract from the main point. It is a classic "against the wall" defense tactic.

Note to MN Publius

A note to the boys at MN Publius:

Stop blaming Amy Klobuchar's unwillingness to debate on Mark Kennedy.

This is not a "manufactured controversy brought to you by the Kennedy campaign" as you suggest.

Why is Klobuchar so afraid to take on Kennedy?

The debate over the debate

KvM has a great post on the debate over the debate.

Teaser: Nick Coleman is upset.

Hatch Flip-Flop of the week #12

Mike Hatch Flip-Flops on "Revolving Door" Between Insurance Industry and Commerce Department

After Long Criticizing “Revolving Door” Between Insurance Industry And Commerce Department, Hatch Became Chairman Of Insurance Company. “In what should be a short-lived job, former Minnesota Commerce Commissioner Mike Hatch has been named chairman of a troubled insurance company, First United. … Hatch was Minnesota’s Commerce commissioner for nine years, during which time be [sic] decried the ‘revolving door’ between insurance companies and the Commerce Department, which regulates insurers. He laughingly recalled those comments Tuesday. ‘Nine years of “revolving door” and now this,’ he said, adding his term as First United’s chairman will end with the company’s sale.” (Steve Brook, “Hatch Named Chairman Of Troubled Insurance Firm Pending Its Planned Sale,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, March 20, 1991)


Friday, February 03, 2006

Wetterling Round-up

I've been ill today, which I why I haven't blogged until now.

“With her deeply disappointing decision to break her word and run for Congress again in the Sixth Congressional District, Patty Wetterling sadly became just another politician today.

“During her brief U.S. Senate campaign, Patty Wetterling said repeatedly that she would not run again in the Sixth District. Patty Wetterling has acknowledged that she cannot win in the Sixth because she is too far to the left of most people in the district. Today’s announcement will no doubt dishearten many who took Patty Wetterling at her word.”

-Ron Carey, Chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota (Source: MNGOP Press Release, Feb. 3, 2006)

"I’m not going to run for the 6th District. The numbers show me that. . . I will not win.”

--Patty Wetterling, Pioneer Press, April 20, 2005

“Tinklenberg on Thursday said Wetterling had assured him repeatedly that she would stay in the Senate race. ‘I take her at her word,’ he said.”

Star Tribune, January 20, 2006

Circle Pines, MN – The Phil Krinkie for Congress Campaign questioned the credibility of Patty Wetterling today after she announced she is running for Congress in the 6 th District. Wetterling has made several strong public statements claiming she would not run for the 6th District Congressional seat, now she’s going back on her word.

“If we can’t trust Patty Wetterling to keep her word about her political plans, how can voters in the 6th District trust her promises during the campaign?” said Phil Krinkie. “First she said she couldn’t win in the 6th District, so she ran for the Senate. Now she realizes she can’t win the Senate race so she’s back to the 6th District. What’s next?”

Krinkie also noted he is the most prepared to face off against Wetterling if she becomes the Democrat nominee because he has consistently led the Republican field in fundraising and has the most election experience, having won reelection seven times over 14 years.

With $266,000 cash on hand, Krinkie leads all candidates (Democrat and Republican) heading into the 2006 election year. He is the only Congressional challenger candidate in the country to be endorsed by the Club for Growth and the Free Enterprise Fund PAC, two nationally recognized pro-growth, free enterprise organizations. (Source: Krinkie for Congress Press Release, Feb. 3, 2006)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

RM Exclusive: College Democrats of America using Taxpayer Resources

I was having a very slow day, so I thought I'd bum around the internet.

While pursuing through the College Democrats of Minnesota website, I found a link to the National College Democrats website, complete with flyers meant for distribution. Following MDE's lead with this some months back, I decided to look into the properties of the files.

These files were made made by Alex Nock while he was using a computer at the United States House of Pepresentatives.

Here's a list of what was made on our dime:
Recruitment flyer
Social Security and Young People
2006 Bush Budget

From my research, I have found that, most recently, Alex Nock worked for the House Committee on Education and the workforce. In the past, Nock worked in a communications capacity for Rep. Dale Kildee (MI-5) . Kildee is currently a ranking member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.

Boehner elected new majority leader

Last month, I voiced my support for Rep. John Boehner in his quest to become the next House Majority Leader.

He was elected to that position today in a 122-109 vote (on the second ballot).

What Will Wetterling Do?

I hope she runs. That way we can see ads with quotes like this on tv this fall.


There is absolutely no chance whatsoever that she's running for the 6th district. She's running for the U.S. Senate. She's raised $1 million from 13,000 donors. Any speculation that she is not running is wishful thinking on behalf of her opponents[.]” (“Minnesota: Wetterling Camp Vows They're In To Stay,” The Hotline, September 28, 2005)


Vikings Update - 3 of 4 have court dates

Court dates were set today for three of the four Minnesota Vikings implicated in the Sex Boat party last October.

Quarterback Daunte Culpepper and running back Moe Williams agreed to be tried together starting April 18. Defensive back Fred Smoot's trial date is May 2.

Further hearings on legal motions delayed the setting of a trial date for the fourth defendant, offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie. (Source: Star Tribune, Feb. 2, 2006)

MN Publius' double standard

Here, Matt at Klobuchar's Machine touts the fact that if the DFL senate field's numbers are combined, they cumulatively out-raise Kennedy.

And here Zack touts the fact that in the fourth quarter, El Tinklenberg out-raised any single GOP candidate in the 6th.

So, for Zack's pleasure using Matt's accounting method, in the 6th District race Tinklenberg got outraised by a factor of 2.35 in the fourth quarter.


I find it odd that the left would protest a speech about adding 70,000 teachers over five years to aid in teaching advanced science and math courses in an attempt to make American workers more competitive in the global market place.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Am I sexist?

No, just damn sexy.

Does anyone get the idea that, you know, North Star Politics might be a giant moron.

Oh, by the way, I just downloaded "Girl Fight" on iTunes.

First flip-flops, not complete B*** S***

John Kerry first gave us his litany of flip-flops, no he's on to bigger and better things, just bulling things out of his ass.

Sen. John Kerry claimed this morning on NBC TODAY that 53% of America's children do not graduate from high school -- a claim that raised eyebrows in the NBC control room, sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT.

Kerry made the comments after host Katie Couric asked the former presidential candidate about Bush's State of the Union call to train 70,000 additional teachers in math and science.

COURIC: He wanted to train 70,000 additional teachers in math and science.

KERRY: That's terrific. But 53 percent of our children don't graduate from high school. Kids don't have after-school programs... He didn't ask America to sacrifice anything to achieve great goals and the biggest example is making the tax cut permanent for the wealthiest people in America. The average American struggles to find time to take carry of families, working two or three jobs... It's a disgrace. He did not tell the real state of the union.

Kerry's 53% claim conflicts with a recent press release from the U.S. Census Bureau: "High School Graduation Rates Reach All-Time High"

And the Census Bureau's own website states: 85.9 Percent Of Americans Aged 20-24 Are High School Graduates. (U.S. Census Bureau Website, , Accessed 2/1/06) (Source: Drudge Report, Feb. 1, 2006)


Breaking news: Cat fight in the second district

MDE has the goods.

Sharon Marko (Polo) is to take on Coleen Rowley.

Blois Olson must be happy about that one.

GOP fundraising numbers - Update

Yesterday, January 31, was the deadline for campaign finance forms to be turned in to the appropriate agencies.

Here are how the numbers stack up (hint: the Republicans faired better than the Democrats):

vs. DNC

At the end of 2005, the RNC had $34 million in the bank, compared to the DNC's $5 million. Many Democratic Congressional leaders aren't too happy about that one. (Source: Drudge Report, Jan. 30, 2005)

The GOP's $29 million lead is a ratio of 6.8 to 1.

Keep up the good work Howard.

Pawlenty vs. DFL field

Tim Pawlenty: Raised $811,696, On hand $721,163
Mike Hatch: Raised $501,683, On hand $401,714
Steve Kelley: Raised $250,000, On hand- $34,836
Becky Lourey: Raised $63,174, On hand $5,003
Kelly Doran*: Raised $4,714, Self loaned $1.85 million, In debt (on hand) $1,019,738
* Denotes a self-financed candidates who is throwing away money.
(Source: Star Tribune, Feb. 1, 2006)

Wow, clearly Doran, Lourey and Kelley have a spending problem. Kelley and Lourey aren't felt with too much cash. Doran is spending way to much, and has nothing to show for it. I would expect a man with that kind of business background to realize when he's made a bad investment.

Hatch, who has been raising money since Jan. 1st, 2005, should have faired much better. Oh wait I forgot. He's alienated most DFLers.

In response to Kelly Doran's numbers, Chairman Ron Carey had this to say:

"With today's dreary fundraising numbers, it is now clear that Kelly Doran's content-free candidacy is not connecting with Minnesotans. Since jumping into the governor's race in September after failing in his bid for the U.S. Senate, Doran has raised a paltry $4,700.

"It appears Kelly Doran is just about the only person who wants to see Kelly Doran as governor." (Source: MNGOP Press Release, Jan. 31, 2006)

Gov. Pawlenty has the advantage here. When his opponents are out fundraising, he'll be out shaking hands and kissing babies.

Kennedy vs. Klobuchar

Mark Kennedy
raised $3.65 million in 2005 and ended the year with $2.65 million (Source: Mark Kennedy '06 Press Release, Jan. 30, 2006) compared to Amy Klobuchar's $1.73 million in the bank. (Source: MDE via the Associated Press, Jan. 31, 2006)


The GOP currently has $0 Abramoff-related funds while the DFL has $9000 in Abramoff-related funds from 2002 (which it refuses to give back).

# # #

Now I know that money is only part of the battle, but this will gives the GOP a clear advantage going into 2006.

On the bonding bill

Recently, a few bloggers have said Gov. Pawlenty’s proposal for the 2006 Bonding Bill could spell the end of his conservative base’s support.

What these bloggers don’t realize is that there is actually some good Government pork.

I am a fiscal conservative, but I look at Government pork like fat (meaning the fat in food, not the fat around your waist). In recent years much discussion has been paid to the area of “Good fats” and “Bad Fats.” Good fats are essential to our every day living. They act as the basic building blocks in our body. “Good fats” are much stronger than “bad fats” and help to create a stronger foundation for our bodies.

The same works for government spending. One such area is education, which helps to provide a strong base for the development of the future generations of Minnesotans. Higher education spending works in much the same way. Case-in-point, Gov. Pawlenty’s proposal for the University of Minnesota campus in Rochester. A research University near Minnesota’s premier (and one of the world’s best) medical facilities will help to keep Minnesota a leader in the bio-tech sector for years to come.

Another area which I believe classifies as good pork is Minnesota’s infrastructure. A simple fact is that it’s easier to attract business and to grow communities when there is a strong infrastructure. We all complain about the conditions of our road, which are the responsibility of the government. Public transportation can help to revitalize areas which have been hurt economically, although I believe it can be done at a much lower price.

So remember, not all Government pork is bad. Some of these projects represent an investment in our state’s future. An investment from which we will have many rewards in the years to come.