Monday, January 09, 2006

Yecke endorses Knoblach

Ever since I posted information on Dr. Yecke's withdraw from the 6th district race due to her appointment by Gov. Jeb Bush, I have been wondering, as were others, how the Yecke delegates would split. At first it sounded as if she wouldn't be endorsing anyone.

Yesterday, word came that Yecke may be endorsing Knoblach, KvM confirmed that this morning.

Interestingly enough, many, if not all of Yecke's staffers went straight to Krinkie's campaign in September.

To the best of my knowledge, aside from maybe picking up stray delegates, Bachmann didn't really get anything from Yecke's withdrawal from the race. The same goes for Jay Esmay.

We'll just have to wait and see what got more of Yecke's delegates, Yecke's endorsement of Knoblach or Yecke's staffers flocking to Krinkie's campaign.


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