Saturday, January 21, 2006

Wetterling: "Everything is a possibility for 2006."

Well, not exactly. . .

We've just been told that Patty Wetterling is not in the Senate race, so technically that isn't "a possibility for 2006" at this point. More importantly, Patty has said time and time and time and time again that she will not be a candidate in 2006 for the 6th Congressional District.

So, just to clarify. "Everything is a possibility for 2006" for Patty Wetterling EXCEPT US Senate, and 6th Congressional District. Unless of course she is not telling us the truth.

"Speaking to Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party elders at a Hemenway Forum luncheon in Oakdale, she [Patty Wetterling] said, 'I'm not going to run for the 6th District. The numbers show me that ... I will not win.'" Source: (Pioneer Press, April 20, 2005)

"Wetterling also addressed rumors that she might become a candidate for the U.S. House again or become a running mate to one of the Democratic candidates eying the governor's office. 'For members of the press that still aren't hearing me, it is: United. States. Senate,' she said." (Source: Pioneer Press, October 10, 2005)


On a similar note, today I spoke with a DFL friend of mine who has, off and on for a few years, worked for Democratic groups in Minnesota. My contact said that Wetterling needs to just quit politics. My source also said that if Wetterling does move to the Hatch ticket, disaster could be spelt for Hatch. The more liberal of Hatch's supporters who realize Patty is a poor campaigner may move over to Becky Lourey. Hatch's supporters to the right may take off to Kelly Doran's campaign.

All of this comes on the heels of a Draft Patty for Congress Rally and a reported Hatch-Wetterling meeting following her press conference yesterday.

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