Thursday, January 05, 2006

Washington Post: MN Governor race is one to watch

The Washington Post today set its list of six races to watch this year. Which Minnesota race is on the list?

It's not the 6th District race.

It's not the Senate Race.

It's the Governor's race.

Here's what The Post had to say.


In Minnesota, Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty has battled the opposition legislature over budgets and other issues but was credited with a 59 percent approval score. Attorney General Mike Hatch, state Sens. Becky Lourey and Steve Kelley, and developer Kelly Doran are seeking the Democratic-Farmer-Labor endorsement. (Source: Washington Post, Jan. 4, 2006)


The other races on the list include:
The Ohio Governor's race.
The Iowa Senate race.
The Wisconsin Governor's race.
The Michigan Governor's race.
The Illinois Governor's race.
Gotta love the midwest!


At 1:25 PM, Blogger North Star Politics said...

Know why the MN Senate race isn't on the list?

Amy Klobuchar's going to win in a walk.


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