Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Vikings Sex Boat Update

This is my first Vikings' Sex Boat update of 2006.

Fred Smoot, Daunte Culpepper and Bryant McKinnie have all pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from their Love Boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka last October.

Minnesota Viking Fred Smoot became the third player Tuesday to plead not guilty to charges of indecent conduct stemming from a team boat party on Lake Minnetonka in October.

Teammate Daunte Culpepper pleaded not guilty Dec. 28 and Bryant McKinnie did so Dec. 20. All three waived their right to appear at the first court hearing and demanded a jury trial. Moe Williams, the fourth player charged, will have his first hearing on Thursday, said his attorney, Joe Friedberg.

The players were charged with misdemeanor indecent conduct, disorderly conduct, and lewd and lascivious conduct. The next appearance for Culpepper, McKinnie and Smoot is scheduled for Feb. 2. (Source: Star Tribune, Jan. 4, 2006)



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