Sunday, January 01, 2006

Star Tribune starts 2006 off on a bad foot

Continuing in its crusade against Republicans, the Star Tribune editorial board comes out in support of illegal immigration. You may remember last week when the Star Tribune published a story which claimed many were questioning the validity of the Pawlenty administration's immigration report. In reality, it was only the Star Tribune which questioned the report, slanting the coverage of Pawlenty's report against him.

In an editorial today, the Star Tribune tries to paint Pawlenty as a anti-immigration.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty opened this box recently, pulled out a piece of the puzzle called "cost to taxpayers," and triggered a nasty and divisive start to what really needs to be a civil and careful conversation. The sloppy and polarizing nature of his administration's Dec. 8 report on illegal immigration -- it completely omitted the economic contributions of immigrants, for example, and ignored the work of the state's own demographer -- is inexplicable. If it was an accident, it's embarrassing. If it was deliberate, it's inexcusable. (Source: Star Tribune, Jan. 1, 2006)

The Star Tribune is being irresponsible. They are trying to paint Pawlenty as being anti-immigrant. Gov. Pawlenty is doing what many at the Federal level are not; trying to curb illegal behavior.

Instead of criticizing Pawlenty, the Star Tribune should be encouraging LEGAL immigration. I will definitely have more on this later this week.

I guess Pawlenty's spokesman got it right when he said the Star Tribune supports illegal immigration.


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You racists just don't stop. I am getting bored now and need to go to bed.


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