Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pawlenty on Lou Dobbs, again

Once again, Gov. Tim Pawlenty will appear on Lou Dobbs Tonight to discuss illegal immigration.

This time his opponent will be DFL Chair Brian Melendez, who refuses to give back the DFL's Abramoff-tainted funds.

This will be fun to watch, unless of course you're a Democrat, then it will be a train wreck.

Melendez claims says that immigration is an important issue, but it should be left up to the Federal Government. I wonder if he knows that the Federal Government isn't doing enough on this issue.

I hope Lou Dobbs asks a question along these lines:

Lou Dobbs: Chairman Melendez, you say the immigration reform should be left up to the Federal government.

Brian Melendez: That is correct.

Lou Dobbs: Good. What then should states do when the Federal government is not stepping up to the plate to curb illegal behavior. For example, if the Federal government was not doing enough to help the people of New Orleans to recover from that awful tragedy. Would it be appropriate for the states to get involved?

Melendez: That would be totally different. You see.. I, um... Gov. Pawlenty...wedge issue...

Lou Dobbs: Mr. Melendez, do you and your party support illegal immigration?

Melendez: -silence-

Let's say this actually happens, it sill wouldn't be as bad as Minneapolis Police Chief William McManus' appearance last week.


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