Friday, January 20, 2006

My final response to my critics

In The Empire Strike Back, Han Solo says to Luke Skywalker, "“I must have hit it pretty close to the mark to get her all riled up like that."”

That's what I'm thinking now after reading johnnie78's comments on my blog and MNCR'’s posts on the subject. They seem to be up in arms about my posts on the subject. North Star Politics doesn'’t like it too much either.

To answer johnnie78, As far as I know most of Jack Abramoff's contributions went to Republicans. Your insistence on changing the subject shows your disparity as well as your inability to face the facts.

The fact that Abramoff did not contribute the money in question can'’t change the fact that his associated gave money to the DFL and to Rep. Oberstar. It also won't change the fact they refuse to give away the money.

Just for johnnie78 and MNCR'’s pleasure, I will define "“Abramoff-related/Abramoff tainted" contributions. They would be contributions given to campaigns, party units and campaign organizations by individuals and groups who have ties with Jack Abramoff. There individuals and groups would include his clients and his employees.

The contributions in question fall under this definition.

I have answered your questions and we are left with nothing but the facts:

The DFL and Rep. Oberstar have taken contribution which are Abramoff-related and they refuse to do the honorable thing by giving them away to charity. Also, Brian Melendez is showing his hypocrisy by not giving the money to charity after he sends out press releases blasting the "Republican culture of corruption."

Now, I am not a appreciate and I'd appriciate it if we can stay above the ad hominem attacks. Going this route won't change reality johnnie78.

Once again, be mad at Brian Melendez and Rep. Oberstar for making this story possible, not me and certainly not Pat Kessler.

Sorry guys, you cannot change the facts. And at the end of the day, that's all we have.


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