Monday, January 16, 2006

MNGOP Watch M.I.A.

Ever since the St. Cloud special elections MNGOP Watch has been updated sporadically.

They must have ran out of things to post. The last time MNGOP Watch was updated was last Tuesday, almost a full week.

In the past, they have gone after UnHatched for not being updated.

Minnesota Democrats Exposed
, its GOP counterpart, has been going strong during the same length of time.

Has MNGOP Watch ran out of material?


At 2:20 PM, Blogger Minnesota Republican Watch said...

Minnesota Democrats Exposed is written by a full-time Republican operative and former state GOP research director. Minnesota Republican Watch is written by a full-time college student. Do the math.

At 8:58 PM, Blogger Republican Minnesota said...

Schools not in session

At 11:04 PM, Blogger Minnesota Republican Watch said...

Schools on trimester schedules have been in session since the beginning of January. I was in the dorm on January 2.

Nice try, though.


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