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"Kelly Doran’s choice of Sheila Kiscaden as his running mate confirms their position as the most opportunistic and unprincipled ticket in DFL history.

"Sheila Kiscaden has been a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent and today claims to be a Democrat again. She is clearly undergoing some sort of midlife political crisis. Kelly Doran has a record of supporting Republicans and attacking Democrats. As experts in political expediency, it's easy to see the mutual attraction.

"Kelly Doran and Sheila Kiscaden clearly lack the kind of conviction and consistency that Minnesotans want in their leaders." – Ron Carey, Chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota


Kiscaden Vowed She Would Not Become A Democrat

Kiscaden Vowed She Would Not Become Democrat.
"Kiscaden said she will not become a Democrat and has not decided whether she will caucus with the Democrats." (Rachel Stassen Berger, "Senate GOP Kicks IP’s Kiscaden Out of Caucus," Pioneer Press, May 7, 2004)

Kiscaden Criticized DFL Senate Over 2004 Legislative Session

April 2004: Kiscaden Blamed Senate Democrats for Lack of Progress During 2004 Legislative Session.
"'Mr. President, we just don’t seem to be making the kind of progress that we normally make,' Kiscaden said. Kiscaden made clear she faults the DFL-controlled Senate for a decision to create one massive, all-encompassing budget bill." (Matthew Stolle, "Kiscaden Chides Senate Over Slowdown," Post- Bulletin, April 27, 2004)

Kiscaden Pledged To Run For Senate Re-Election In 2006

December 2004: Kiscaden Said She Would Run For Re-Election To Senate In 2006.
"Sen. Sheila Kiscaden said she plans to run for re-election in the state Senate District 30 in 2006. 'Last night, I met with many of my supporters over the years, and we've begun working on the next campaign. I will be running in 2006,’ Kiscaden said Tuesday." (Matthew Stolle, "Independence, Democrat or Republican? Kiscaden Starts Work On Her Next Campaign," Post-Bulletin, December 9, 2004)

Kiscaden Is A Politically Ambitious Opportunist

Doran Styles Himself As An Outsider But Running Mate Kiscaden Has Been A Lobbyist.
"[Kiscaden] points to her 22 years of experience as a 'civic leader' as qualifying her for the Senate job. That experience includes: Working as a legislative lobbyist for Olmsted County from 1982 to 1985..." ("Kiscaden focuses on experience in public sector,” Post-Bulletin, September 1, 1992)

Before Joining Inexperienced Doran, Kiscaden Cited Experience As Central Factor In Choosing Candidates.
"Do you go with someone who is experienced, a known quantity and a proven track record," she said, "or do you go with someone who certainly has potential, but is untried?" ("Kiscaden Focuses On Experience In Public Sector," Post-Bulletin, September 1, 1992)

Kiscaden Has Suggested Ambition A Good Reason To Switch Parties.
"'Judi Dutcher hit a glass ceiling, and it had nothing to do with gender,' said state Sen. Sheila Kiscaden, a moderate Rochester Republican and Dutcher confidante. 'Judi is interested in higher office ... and if you're interested in higher office, it's a very rocky road for moderate Republicans.'"(Bill Salisbury and Pat Sweeney, "Feeling Uninvited At Their Own Party,"
Pioneer Press, January 23, 2000)

Kiscaden Faulted For Negative Personal Attacks… By DFLer

DFLer Decried Kiscaden’s Cynical Campaign Tactics
. "State Senate candidate David Hansen said Friday his opponent is running the worst kind of cynical campaign by reaching out to people she deliberately demeaned." ("Kiscaden Accused Of Bad Tactics," Rochester Post Bulletin, September 28, 1992)

DFLer Called Kiscaden "Disingenuous." "Hansen, a DFLer, said Sheila Kiscaden was 'disingenuous' in reaching out to supporters of Gretchen Roetzler after Kiscaden's entire campaign was based on efforts to discredit and demean Roetzler. 'Sheila has turned 180 degrees from demeaning people to calling for their support,' Hansen said. 'She should be called on it, I think.'" ("Kiscaden Accused Of Bad Tactics," Rochester Post Bulletin, September 28, 1992)

DFLer Said Kiscaden Tried To Destroy Opponent With Personal Attacks. "[Hansen] said a Kiscaden campaign piece focused on non-campaign issues by comparing Kiscaden's marriage to an IBM program manager and her two children to Roetzler's marriage to a Rochester firefighter and lack of children. 'Does Sheila even realize the way she treated another human being?' Hansen said. 'They didn't just win an election, they destroyed an opponent, and it wasn't just based on issues.'" ("Kiscaden Accused Of Bad Tactics," Post-Bulletin, September 28, 1992)

Kiscaden Apologized After Personally Attacking Opponent's Family

Kiscaden Apologized To Opponent For Running Dirty Campaign. "State Senate candidate Sheila Kiscaden apologized to her primary election opponent and called for party unity at a packed meeting of Independent Republican leaders Tuesday night. ... Kiscaden said after the meeting that her apology specifically referred to a campaign piece she distributed the weekend before the primary." ("Kiscaden Apologizes For Campaign Mistakes," Post-Bulletin, September 23, 1992)

Post-Bulletin: Kiscaden "Realized That The Personal Issues Raised In The Piece Didn’t Belong In The Campaign." "The piece compared Kiscaden’s marriage to an IBM program manager and her two children with Roetzler’s marriage to a Rochester firefighter and her lack of children. After initially defending the comparison, Kiscaden said she later realized that the personal issues raised in the piece didn’t belong in the campaign." ("Kiscaden Apologizes For Campaign Mistakes," Post-Bulletin, September 23, 1992)


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