Friday, January 20, 2006

Melendez on Lou Dobbs

Yesterday I posted my prediction for Brian Melendez interview on Illegal Immigration on Lou Dobbs Tonightt last evening.

Read it here.

I was pretty much spot on. To sum up what he said in one sentence: If the Federal government is not doing its job, it is not up to the states.

Here's some highlights.

DOBBS: So what you would have the governor do, Brian?

MELENDEZ: ... and he may be running for president of the United States.

DOBBS: OK. Whatever you want...


MELENDEZ: So why would a state government make immigration the centerpiece of his agenda?

DOBBS: I get it. You don't like Governor Tim Pawlenty, but let's talk about the merits here. What would you have...


MELENDEZ: I don't know if I don't like him. I wouldn't vote for him for re-election.

DOBBS: What would you have your state government -- and would you then ascribe to the idea that perhaps those city councils, those police chiefs and mayors should take note of federal law and the law of the land and remove those sanctuary laws? Would you urge your membership and your party to do that?

MELENDEZ: You know, it's really up to a court whether...


DOBBS: I'm sorry, it's up to whom?

MELENDEZ: ... enforce those laws.

DOBBS: It's up to whom?

MELENDEZ: I don't know that the laws have been challenged. But it's not up to Governor Tim Pawlenty to decide whether federal law applies or not.

DOBBS: No, no. I'm not talking about Governor Pawlenty. I'm talking about you, the membership of your party there in Minnesota. Don't you want them to roll those back and get in line with federal law?

MELENDEZ: We're in favor of enforcing federal law. The Democratic Party is not in favor of illegal immigration. We're in favor of responsible policy toward illegal immigration instead of these gimmickry tactics that Tim Pawlenty is advancing to cover up the failures of the federal government in this area. (Source: Lou Dobbs Tonight transcript, 1/19/2006)



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