Friday, January 20, 2006

Klobuchar's coronation is complete

The DFL's kingmakers have spoken and Patty Wetterling is out of the Senate race.

Klobuchar has just locked up the DFL nomination for U.S. Senate.

The DFL elite have been grooming her for higher office since she was elected Hennepin County Attorney. It reached its peak in 2004 when Klobuchar spoke at the DNC.

The Kennedy camp had this to say:

"I'm surprised at Mrs. Wetterling's withdrawal from the U.S. Senate race. Although all three Democrats are from the liberal wing of their party, Mrs. Wetterling's campaign seemed to be setting the agenda on the DFL side.

"Though we disagreed with her, often strongly, we admired the fact that she
was willing to take clear cut positions and defend them publicly.

"In anointing Ms. Klobuchar, the Democrats have staked themselves to a
candidate who has been unwilling to tell voters her position on the key issues facing Minnesotans." (Source: Mark Kennedy '06 Press Release, Jan. 20, 2006)

The MNGOP released this statement:

"Now that Patty Wetterling has been muscled out of the U.S. Senate race, it is our hope Amy Klobuchar will end her campaign of photo-ops and platitudes.

"Patty Wetterling has pledged she will not run in the 6th District. We expect the voters will take her at her word.

"Patty Wetterling has been mentioned as a potential running mate for Mike Hatch, but it's hard to see how a liberal idealist like Patty Wetterling and her supporters could stomach a well-known political opportunist like Mike Hatch." (Source: MNGOP Press Release, Jan. 20, 2006)


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