Thursday, January 12, 2006

KAR for St. Paul City Council

or, Iron Maiden can teach us a lot about being a carpet bagger in order to get rid of the smoking ban that has yet to take effect... or so I'm told.

I'm starting a Draft Kool-Aid group in hopes of getting Learned Foot, The Notorious B.I.L., The Head of Alfredo Garcia and yes, even Dementee, to run for St. Paul City Council.

Ironic isn't it. Four council members voted for the ban and there are four KARnies.

Here's the match-ups:
Learned Foot vs. David Thune (Lead guy on the ban)
The Notorious B.I.L. vs. Lee Helgen
The Head of Alfredo Garcia vs. Kathy Lantry
Dementee vs. Jay Benanav

I'll be honest, I don't know if they live in St. Paul, but this should give them enough time to establish any residency requirement.


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