Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hatch shows his true nature

The Star Tribune has a very revealing story about the DFL and Mike Hatch. In this article, Hatch shows his true nature as a political opportunist.

Long considered the 500-pound gorilla in the DFL gubernatorial contest, Attorney General Mike Hatch now says that if he doesn't win but comes "even close" to winning party endorsement for that office, he will challenge the endorsee in a September primary. If delegates to the party's June state convention reject him decisively, Hatch says, he will pull out of the governor's race and run for reelection to his current job -- with or without the DFL's blessing. (Source: Star Tribune, Jan. 24, 2006)

Honestly I'm not surprised he's changed his position on a primary. I'm sure this will show up on unHatched soon enough so I won't dwell on it too much.

Another article highlight:

State Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson, DFL-Willmar, agreed, saying "the endorsement is a screening process, but it's not the rest of the story in Minnesota anymore. I can even see them [delegates] supporting a candidate who won't abide. The landscape has changed. The bottom line is we're tired of losing." (Source: Star Tribune, Jan. 24, 2006)

Well Dean, if you didn't want to lose, you should have thought about that before changing parties.


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