Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hatch flip-flop of the week #9

Flip Flop of the Week Volume 1, Issue 9

Mike Hatch Flip-Flops on "Freedom of Choice" Legislation

1994: Hatch Opposed “Freedom Of Choice” Legislation After Earlier Supporting It In Same Campaign.Hatch was in favor of weakening parental-notification laws and enacting freedom of choice legislation last winter, the [DFL Feminist] caucus members say. But he went on record taking opposite positions on both issues a few days ago. His most recent responses helped him achieve a perfect eight-for-eight score on an issues questionnaire distributed by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL). His score led to a recommendation by the group for the DFL primary.” (Dane Smith, “Hatch’s Claim About His Abortion Stand Disputed; Feminist Caucus Members Object,” Star Tribune, September 9, 1994)

2001: Hatch Says He Is Pro-Choice Again.His critics say Hatch tried to pull off one of the more cynical stunts in Minnesota politics when, in the space of four years, he went from selling himself as the abortion-rights alternative to Perpich to remaking himself as an abortion-opposing alternative to DFL nominee John Marty in 1994. Hatch is a little sheepish about that flip-flop now and says the whole 1994 candidacy was a disaster. ‘In ‘94 I was dead, washed up, it was stupid for me to run.’ He says he remains an abortion-rights advocate.” (Dane Smith, “Mike Hatch; Publicity Hound, Or Consumers’ Best Friend?” Star Tribune, April 1, 2001)


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