Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hatch flip-flop of the week #8

Flip-Flop of the Week: Volume 1, Issue 8

Mike Hatch Flip-Flops on Public Funding of Abortions

1994: Hatch’s 1990 MN NARAL Questionnaire Revealed Shift On Public Funding For Abortions. “In that [1990] questionnaire, Hatch supported virtually unlimited public funding for abortions, removal of all barriers to abortions for teenagers, and a law that would remove most restrictions on the procedure. On an MCCL questionnaire and newsletter released two weeks ago, Hatch took opposite positions on each of those issues. He also now says he is opposed to abortion if it’s used as ‘birth control,’ but Hatch has declined to specify exactly what kind of law he envisions.” (Dane Smith, “Politicking As Clock Is Ticking,” Star Tribune, September 12, 1994)

1999: Hatch In Favor Of Public Financing Of Abortions Again. “In 1980, [Hatch] was elected state DFL chairman as a compromise between warring abortion opposition and abortion rights factions. He still occupies something of a middle ground on that issue, opposing a late-term abortion procedure - the so-called partial-birth abortion - but supporting public financing of abortions for the poor.” (Conrad deFiebre, “Attorney General // New ‘People’s Attorney’ Has No Shortage Of Ideas,” Star Tribune, January 2, 1999)


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