Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hatch flip-flop of the week #10

Flip-Flop of the Week: Volume 1, Issue 10

BREAKING: Mike Hatch Flip-Flops On Abiding By 2006 DFL Endorsement

October 2005: Hatch Pledges To Abide By DFL Endorsement If There Is “Decent-Sized” Turnout At DFL Precinct Caucuses. “Given Hatch’s history, the big question among DFL activists is whether he would abide by the party’s endorsement next year or run in the primary without party backing. Hatch hedged on that question, saying, ‘I am going to abide by the endorsement process,’ but then added he would do so only if there is a ‘decent-sized’ turnout at DFL precinct caucuses in March.” (Bill Salisbury, “Hatch Makes His Run Official; DFL’s Only Elected State Official Aims Higher Again,” Pioneer Press, October 25, 2005)

January 2006: Hatch Representative Lori Swanson Says Hatch Will Abide By DFL Endorsement. “One key political issue that divides the four Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidates is their stands on whether they will move on to a DFL primary election in September if they fail to win their party’s endorsement this spring. … [Kelly] Doran… repeated his previous promise to wage a primary campaign regardless of who gets the DFL endorsement. And [Becky] Lourey emphatically said she would be in that primary with Doran. … [Steve] Kelley promised he would not run in September if he fails to win the endorsement. And [Hatch Representative Lori] Swanson said she believed Hatch would honor the endorsement and not wage a primary campaign without it.” (Patrick Sweeney, “Candidate Forum May Be Preview Of Fall Campaign; DFL Governor Hopefuls Criticize Pawlenty,” Pioneer Press, January 16, 2006)

January 2006: Hatch To Enter Primary If He Comes “Even Close” To Winning DFL Endorsement. “Long considered the 500-pound gorilla in the DFL gubernatorial contest, Attorney General Mike Hatch now says that if he doesn’t win but comes ‘even close’ to winning party endorsement for that office, he will challenge the endorsee in a September primary.” (Patricia Lopez, “If He’s A Close 2nd, Hatch Would Run In Primary,” Star Tribune, January 24, 2006)


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