Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hatch Flip-Flop continue to come

No it's not Tuesday, but I do have yet another Hatch Flip Flop. This time on illegal immigration.


Hatch’s Ever-Changing Position On Illegal Immigration

December 2005: Hatch Dismisses Attempts To Reform Illegal Immigration, Praises Illegal Immigration. “And while Pawlenty has recently drawn attention on illegal immigration, holding a public hearing in Worthington, it’s basically a federal issue. ‘The governor has nothing to do with illegal immigrants,’ [Hatch] said. ‘He can kick it all around he wants, but it’s a national policy.’ A report from Pawlenty’s office late last week showed the cost of illegal immigrants to state services, but Hatch said it failed to show positive attributes, such as providing low-cost labor and in paying taxes. (“Hatch Brings Campaign For Governor To Bemidji,” Bemidji Pioneer, December 11, 2005)

December 2005: Hatch Attacked Governor Pawlenty For Making Illegal Immigration Problem Worse. “Attorney General Mike Hatch, a DFL candidate for governor, charged that the Pawlenty administration has exacerbated the illegal immigration problem. He said he has received repeated complaints that the Department of Labor and Industry has failed to enforce labor, occupational health and safety and workers’ compensation laws at businesses that hire illegal immigrants. He also has heard complaints that the Revenue Department isn’t investigating allegations that those employers are failing to pay payroll taxes.” (Bill Salisbury, “Pawlenty Immigration Report Ignites Firestorm,” Pioneer Press, December 16, 2005)

January 2006: Hatch Attacks Governor Pawlenty For Failing To Enforce Laws Against Illegal Immigration. “Warning that crimes associated with illegal immigration are a growing threat to public safety, Pawlenty on Tuesday proposed a variety of steps, including the creation of a statewide law enforcement team focused on immigration issues. ... Another critic was Attorney General Mike Hatch, a DFL candidate for governor, who said the Pawlenty administration has failed for three years to enforce labor laws against employers that hire illegal immigrants. ‘Now he’s in a political mode,’ Hatch said.” (Bill Salisbury, “Illegal Immigration A ‘Real Issue,’” Pioneer Press, January 4, 2006)



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