Monday, January 09, 2006

Doran campaign grasps for air

Kelly Doran's campaign must be getting desperate if they're lining up the ticket this early. I wonder how long it takes for the rest of the candidates to pick their running mates.

Its very fitting that Doran picks Sheila Kiscaden as his running mate, seeing that they're both very opportunistic. Mid-year in 2005, Doran announced his candidacy for US Senate in Minnesota. After realizing he couldn't beat the DFL's anointed candidate, Doran switched over to the Governors race.

Kiscaden is also an opportunist, switching parties because she had more opportunities in the IP/DFL caucus.

Doran's inexperience made a long time state legislator an obvious pick for a running mate, although I would have expected him to pick someone a little more to the base's liking. The guy already has a nearly impossible shot at getting the DFL endorsement and a slightly better shot at getting through the primary. A more liberal running mate would make him somewhat appealing to the DFL, but he decided to go for the tougher fight.

Kiscaden said it best:

"Do you go with someone who is experienced, a known quantity and a proven track record," she said, "or do you go with someone who certainly has potential, but is untried?" ("Kiscaden Focuses On Experience In Public Sector," Post-Bulletin, September 1, 1992)

To sum this all up:
Unprincipled Kelly Doran chooses a fellow opportunist and a dirty campaigner, Sheila Kiscaden, as his running mate in a vain attempt to form a "moderate ticket." Too bad this "moderate ticket" will get zero support from the DFLers.

I wonder if the Doran campaign will be able to keep its head above the water until September.


At 12:05 PM, Blogger North Star Politics said...

How does one "grasp" for air?

Why is Sen. Kiscaden an opportunist? Is it because the extremists in the Republican Party kicked her out, not just from the local party, but also from the GOP Senate Caucus?


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