Friday, January 06, 2006

DFL Gubernatorial Candidates and Illegal Immigration

Carey asks where they stand.


Republican Party of Minnesota Calls On DFL Gubernatorial Candidates to Provide Specifics On Illegal Immigration

St. Paul - Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Ron Carey today issued the following statement regarding Governor Pawlenty's recent proposals on illegal immigration.

"In recent weeks, the DFL candidates for governor have attacked Governor Pawlenty's commonsense immigration proposals but have yet to offer any specifics of their own. It is time for each of the DFL candidates for governor to make clear where they stand on this important issue. It is time for the DFL candidates to answer the following questions:

1. Mike Hatch has argued that 'The governor has nothing to do with illegal immigrants.' Does Mike Hatch still hold this position and do Kelly Doran, Becky Lourey and Steve Kelley agree with his view?

2. Mike Hatch has spoken to the Bemidji Pioneer about what the paper termed the "positive attributes" of illegal immigration. Do Kelly Doran, Becky Lourey and Steve Kelley believe there are "positive attributes" to illegal immigration?

3. Kelly Doran has also criticized the Governor's immigration initiatives but has predictably offered nothing beyond generalities. What would Kelly Doran, Becky Lourey, Steve Kelley and Mike Hatch do to specifically address the problem of illegal immigration?" (Source: MNGOP Press Release, Jan. 6, 2006)


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