Monday, January 16, 2006

DFL Candidate Forum

Things got interesting at the DFL Gubernatorial Candidate Forum yesterday.


In a sign of how bitter the gubernatorial campaign is likely to become, both Kelley and Sen. Becky Lourey of Kerrick accused Pawlenty of racism.

Lourey labeled Pawlenty's attempt last year to force American Indian tribes to share their casino profits with the state as racist, and Kelley made the same charge about Pawlenty's recent efforts to curtail illegal immigration.

A spokesman for Pawlenty's campaign committee said that Kelley's and Lourey's accusations of racism take away from legitimate debate on important issues.

"It is our sincere hope they would debate the merits of issues, rather than resort to name-calling," said Mike Krueger, the committee spokesman. (Source: Pioneer Press, Jan. 16, 2005)


I'm not surprised that they're taking it negaitve so soon. But pulling the race card? That's going way too far.

After the forum, here's how things are looking for a September primary:

Kelly Doran - In
Becky Lourey - In
Mike Hatch - Says it depends, which means he's in
Steve Kelley - He's still in the race? He wont make it past the State Convention.

So the big three candidates will be taking it to a primary. Things will get ugly.


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