Monday, January 16, 2006

Coleman completes visits to every city in Minnesota

Sen. Coleman has just completed a tour of every city in Minnesota, quite a feat. In total, Coleman visited each of the 853 cities listed by the League of Minnesota Cities.

Coleman completes senate office visits to every city in Minnesota
Senator marks completion of office goal to visit every community across the state during final stop in Winnebago

St. Paul, MN - During a cake cutting event at City Hall in Winnebago, Senator Norm Coleman today celebrated a major milestone-the completion of the last personal visit by the senator or his staff to every one of the 853 communities in Minnesota. After taking office in 2003, Coleman established the goal of reaching out to eve ry Minnesota community through the combined efforts of him and his office staff. Friday's visit to the Corn Plus ethanol plant in Winnebago marked the completion of visits to each of the 853 cities listed by the League of Minnesota Cities.

"I am a firm believer that the best ideas in Washington come from the people back home - the people affected every day by our decisions," said Coleman. "With that in mind, I established a goal after taking office in 2003 to ensure that no community in Minnesota would be overlooked during my term. I am proud to say that in just over three years, my staff and I will have combined to visit every Minnesota city - whether large or small, metro or rural, on or off the map. I take great pride in this accomplishment and am looking forward to starting over and doing it again. And if by chance our map was off by a town or two and we accidentally missed someone, we will double back and make a visit our next priority."

During Friday's visit to Winnebago, Coleman visited the Corn Plus ethanol plant, where he toured the plant with General Manager Keith Kor and Winnebago Mayor Scott Owen, who also works at the plant. Gerald Tumbleson, President of the National Corn Growers, and Ron Jacobson of the Minnesota Soybean Growers also attended the tour. Following the tour of Corn Plus, Coleman, along with local residents and officials, gathered for a lunch and ceremony organized by the City of Winnebago to celebrate the senator's Minnesota outreach. Under a sign that read, "Winnebago: Saving the Best for Last", Mayor Owen thanked Senator Coleman for his visit, noting that as far as he remembered, this was the first U.S. Senator to visit the city.

"The variety of visits over the past three years have directly impacted many of my priorities in Washington," added Coleman. "A perfect example of this is my Rural Renaissance legislation, which was recently included as part of the Tax Relief Act passed by the Senate in November. This bill, which will establish a program to provide funding for rural infrastructure improvements, came about after many of these towns and cities expressed that they lacked the funding needed to replace aging and inadequate infrastructure like wastewater treatment systems. This bill is aimed at directly addressing this problem and is very close to becoming a reality. Although this is just one of many examples, it demonstrates how these visits have truly allowed me to bring the concerns of Minnesotans directly to Washington."

Over the past three years, Coleman and his staff have completed a variety of visits to Minnesota communities, ranging from hosting official Senate hearings to touring local businesses to simply stopping at City Hall or a local restaurant to let residents know how to contact the senator's office with their concerns. The most frequent type of visit was a meeting with local mayors and city officials to hear their specific concerns and encourage communication between the city and the senator's office. Among the total office visits, Coleman has personally made 154 separate trips to 75 different communities. Coleman also personally hosted more than 50 forums and listening sessions throughout Minnesota on a number of national issues that affect local communities and individuals - most recently on the new Medicare prescription drug benefit. A number of cities have been visited multiple times.



At 10:40 AM, Blogger North Star Politics said...

OR HIS STAFF...god, do you even read the crap that you post?

At 7:09 PM, Blogger Kevin from Minneapolis said...

Meeting with staff is just as good as meeting with the Senator. In fact it can be better because sometimes people are more honest and upfront than they would be if the Senator were there.


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