Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bell accepts Kennedy's debate challenge

Ford Bell has accepted Mark Kennedy's challenge to U.S. Senate debates, but first called for Amy Klobuchar, who has yet accepted offers from either her Republican or Democratic opponent, to debate Bell.

MINNEAPOLIS - U.S. Senate Candidate Ford Bell today said he accepts a debate challenge issued by his Republican opponent. "I'll debate Mark Kennedy anytime, anywhere," said Bell. "Of course I would prefer to first have a series of one-on-one debates with Amy Klobucher within the DFL process."

To date Klobuchar has not accepted Bell's debate challenge issued at the DFL State Central Committeee on Saturday, January 21. "If Amy won't debate, than I will go one-on-one with Kennedy because the public needs to know that Kennedy is extreme and not in touch with the values of Minnesotans. I remain hopeful that Amy will ultimately decide to join me and stand up to the Republican spin machine."

Bell said that debates are the best way to beat Kennedy in November. "Democrats should never be afraid to engage their opponents on the battleground of ideas," said Bell.

Bell went on to say, "These debates will convincingly demonstrate to the public that our party has real solutions to the important issues that face our nation -– issues that I have been talking about since the beginning of my campaign such as universal single payer health care and getting our troops out of Iraq no later than the end of this year."

On Sunday, in an appearance on KSTP's "At Issue with Tom Hauser," Kennedy challenged Bell and Klobuchar to debates. Bell said his campaign has accepted Kennedy's challenge and awaits Klobuchar's response.

Bell has also attempted to debate Klobuchar one on one.

Both candidates were invited to do a joint appearance on TPT- Almanac on Friday, January 20th, but Klobuchar refused the offer, and so, the show cancelled the appearance. Bell challenged Klobuchar to an open series of debates at the DFL State Central Committee meeting on Saturday, January 21st, but has not received a response.

"I look forward to debating Amy Klobuchar, and the sooner we both start taking on Mark Kennedy the better," said Bell.

The Bell campaign is reaching out to the League of Women Voters, the DFL Party and other organizations to see if they will sponsor debates for the U.S. Senate contest. (Source: Ford Bell for Senate Press Release, Jan. 25, 2005)

I'm sure those who didn't like Kennedy's jab at Klobuchar in his release about Wetterling's withdrawl won't like Bell's slap-in-the-face release on Klobuchar's refusal to debate.

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