Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Annandale Advocate: Hatch abused office's powers

Great headline, isn't it? Pretty much sums it all up.

But what it the piece about? Medica, the Eibensteiner trial, or something new all together?

This time it's about Mike Hatch abusing his powers as Attonrey General in the Eibebsteiner trial.

So let's review the facts: Attorney General Hatch takes a thank you letter from a friend - claiming it's evidence of a crime - then leaks it to a metropolitan newspaper. The former Republican Party chairman who signed a poorly worded form letter is forced to spend thousands of dollars to clear his name because the top Democrat in the state wants to use it as leverage in order to become your new governor. And finally, once it's discovered that the corporate contributions were made legally to both the National Democratic and Republican Committees, the assault by the Attorney General's Office against the Republicans continues, while no similar investigation is made into the Democratic donation.

Clearly, this is different than normal political partisanship. What you have here is a constitutional officer abusing his office by wasting taxpayer dollars to promote his gubernatorial run. Hatch orchestrated all of this, intending to use it in his run for governor. If the prosecution had been successful, he would have used it in his race against Gov. Pawlenty. However, the Eibensteiner case is one where a jury, not politicians, heard the facts and made a decision. The jury did not believe Hatch's version of the events. (Source: Annandale Advocate, Jan. 11, 2006)



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