Friday, January 13, 2006

6th District week in review

This was quite a week for the 6th District race.

Dr. Yecke surprised many insiders with her endorsement of Rep. Knoblach this past Monday. I had heard from many in the 6th that Yecke was not going to endorse anyone. I have yet to hear how many former Yecke supporters have gone over to Knoblach since the announcement.

Tuesday afternoon, the Krinkie Campaign announced that Bill Walsh, former Executive Director of the MNGOP and a former Yecke aide would be joining the Krinkie organization. Walsh is the most experienced political operative to get on board with a campaign so far. He left a post with Gov. Pawlenty to work for Krinkie.

Word on the street is that both Knoblach and Krinkie are beginning aggressive mail efforts to woo potential delegates.

Knoblach has been sending out lit which promotes him as the only electable candidate. Previous lit pieces have him attempting to go after both the Fiscal Conservatives (Krinkie's territory) and the Social Conservatives (Bachmann's bread and butter).

DVD copies of Krinkie's video shown at last year's 6th District convention are hitting mailboxes as I write this, with many potential delegates receiving them today.

With all the action in the 6th in recent weeks, I find it odd that Michele Bachmann's campaign has been virtually silent as the campaigns gear up for caucuses. The same goes for Jay Esmay.

Unfortunately, despite what polling says, we'll have to wait until after the BPOU conventions to know where each candidate stands. This race is too close and without knowing how delegate allotment works out, it might as well be a dead heat. What polling has been released does not show and any candidate breaking 30%.

Furthermore, the poll on Bachmann's website shows 32% are undecided at this point, which is higher than any one candidate scored. Clearly it is anyone's game.


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