Wednesday, January 25, 2006

4 way DFL gubernatorial primary?

We already know that Becky Lourey, Mike Hatch and Kelly Doran will be running in a primary. Steve Kelley reaffirmed him pledge to abide by the DFL endorsement yesterday. Could that decision influence enough delegates who firmly believe in the endorsement process to vote for him?

“"It's time to stop dividing the party- I am abiding by the DFL endorsement because Democrats need to be united to win. I know that DFL delegates want to win in November. Those delegates are smart - —they will choose the candidate who can win. I disagree with Mike Hatch that the winner at the DFL convention will win because of some political purity test. The DFL has changed since Hatch last ran for governor. Thousands of new people have gotten involved in recent years: moms and dads who care about health care; business owners who are concerned about early childhood education; workers who care about renewable energy. These diverse people can'’t be boxed in by Hatch's old-hat way of thinking.”" -Steve Kelley (Source: Kelley for Governor Press Release, Jan. 24, 2006)

If it could to a 4 person primary, things would be very interesting in September. Whoever gets the DFL endorsement will get the kiss of death in a primary. Typically in the DFL Primaries for state-wide office, the winner of the DFL endorsement looses the primary.

Of course we all know that in a primary, Mike Hatch will win coming out bruised, broken, penniless and having alienated many DFLers. Those Hatch alienated may go out and vote for Peter Hutchison. Clearing the way for an easy Pawlenty victory.


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