Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Waiting for Ms. Klobuchar: Day II

It is high time Ms. Klobuchar tells us where she stands on Iraq. She's clearly trying to play bpth sides by not speaking out on the issue.

Day 2: Democrats still Silent on Party Leader Dean
Democrats Refuse to Take Position on Iraq War Discussion(St. Paul, Minnesota) - It's been nearly two full days since DemocraticNational Chairman Howard Dean - the head of the Democrat party - said the,"idea that we're going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong," and yet there has been no response from the DFL candidates running for Senate in Minnesota.

"It is beyond baffling that Patty Wetterling, Amy Klobuchar and Ford Bell have not been asked whether they agree with the leader of their party," saidPat Shortridge, campaign manager for Mark Kennedy's U.S. Senate campaign."Democrats have been pounding the drum of 'immediate withdrawal' for weeksand now the Chairman of the DNC says the war can't be won; yet these candidates refuse to say where they stand.

"The silence has been deafening and it's long past time for these Senate candidates to tell Minnesotans where they stand on perhaps the definingissue of this Senate campaign." (Source: Mark Kennedy Campaign press release, Dec. 7, 2005)


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