Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Unhatched Flip Flop of the Week III

Mike UnHatched: Flip-Flop Volume 1, Issue 3
Hatch Flip-Flops On Prairie Island Nuclear Waste Disposal

February 1994: Hatch Opposed Storage Of More High-Level Radioactive Waste At Prairie Island. "Five DFL candidates for governor on Monday jointly stated their opposition to allowing Northern States Power Co. to store nuclear waste in metal casks outside its Prairie Island nuclear power plant. In an unusual display of unity, former state Rep. Todd Otis, state Sen. John Marty, former state Commerce Commissioner Mike Hatch, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman and former Minneapolis Police Chief Tony Bouza said at a Capitol news conference they believe storing more high-level radioactive waste at Prairie Island would be unsafe and irresponsible. They advocated replacing nuclear power with wind power, conservation and other alternatives." (“DFLers Oppose NSP Plan,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, February 15, 1994)

September 1994: Hatch Supported Bill Allowing Dry-Cask Waste Storage At Prairie Island. "Hatch faced tough questioning about his credibility. He has been accused of switching sides on abortion and nuclear waste disposal at Prairie Island. He said his positions were consistent, even though he ran with abortion-rights support four years ago and has anti-abortion support this year. He said he appeared at a news conference with other DFL candidates to sign an anti-nuclear waste letter without reading it.'I was told it was for a media event,' he said. He later supported the bill allowing dry-cask waste storage at the Prairie Island nuclear plant, while Marty and Bouza said they oppose it." (Jim Ragsdale, “Top DFL Candidates Air Disagreements [;] Gubernatorial Debate Produces Few Fireworks,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, September 8, 1994)

(Source: Republican Party of Minnesota press release, Dec. 6, 2005)


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