Friday, December 02, 2005

Strar Tribune Slams Hatch On Fundraising

Since the mid 1990's many some people close to Hatch (including Mike Hatch himself) have given money to a group called "Minnesota Democrats." This group was meant to help fund moderate Democrats who were unable to get the DFL's endorsement (like Hatch's two, soon to be three, failed gubernatorial bids).

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What I find most interesting (and ironic) is the mention of one of the group's former donors: Ron Jerich. If the name doesn't ring a bell, let me remind you.

Hatch stole a thank you note from Jerich's home, which was the basis for the Eibenstiener trail.


One of the committee's contributors was Ron Jerich, a State Capitol lobbyist, who along with his wife, Valerie, also a lobbyist, gave $2,700 to the committee since 1998.

Jerich said Hatch urged him to give the money to DFLers because Jerich and his wife had given all they legally could to the Hatch campaign.

"We wanted to give more, and he asked us to make it out to Minnesota Democrats, so we wrote checks out to whoever they said," Jerich said. "He never told me where it was going, and I never asked." (Source: Star Tribune, Dec. 3, 2005)

What goes around comes around Mike.


At 2:04 PM, Blogger lloydletta said...

Hatch deserves the slamming. I rarely agree with Bill Cooper, but his oped was on point (and much better written that that pathetic drivel from the Strib's "conservative metro columnist").


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