Thursday, December 01, 2005

Steve Kelley and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

I was forwarded this e-mail today and got a real kick out of it.

“I feel ready to share Steve Kelley now as a leader for all Minnesotans. His leadership style is based on teamwork and building consensus, and not about grandstanding. This is a light at the end of the tunnel.” ~Nancy Gertner, St. Louis Park

What the blogs are saying...
From MinnesotaBlue ( “...Sen. Kelley has integrity on the issues that matter most to the state - education, transportation, health care, and the environment. He's also a moderate Democrat, which will help secure more independent voters. ...As a Democrat I'm concerned with [Hatch’s] baggage: the pit-bull style, the recent health-care-trial debacle, and the more recent Eibensteiner trial. I'm concerned that he will easily unite Republicans, and push too many independents to Pawlenty. The important piece is that with Hutchinson running as an independent, Democrats start one step behind. We must have a Democrat that can secure enough independent voters to prevent another [44]-34-20 Republican win...any time an independent candidate runs, Democrats lose if they can't get enough independent votes. Sen. Kelley seems to be the only DFL candidate that can compete for the independents. Maybe that's why the Republicans don't mention his name.”

From the Horse’s Mouth: “I’m running for governor because I got tired of playing defense against Pawlenty. It was time to step up and offer some solutions.” ~Sen. Steve Kelley

From a Staffer’s Mouth: "Senator Kelley does the right thing because it's the right thing to do, not for personal gain. He can look anyone straight in the eye. He knows how to forge consensus better than any other candidate out there. I know he helped resolve the budget impasse this year. I know he fought for and won more funding for public education--the most fundamental building block of democracy. I know he understands more about policy on the broadest array of issues than any other candidate. And I know that he is the only person who can beat Tim Pawlenty. He can unite the base and bring moderates and independents to the table. He's the good guy who can beat the so-called "nice guy" who has been kicking working people off of health care and starving public schools." ~Field Director Deb Calvert

Coming up...
Dec. 1—Minneapolis Uptown Rotary Club Meeting, 7:15am. Sen. Kelley will be speaking.
Dec. 1--Duluth Office Grand Opening, 5-7pm, 406 W. Superior Street, Duluth For more information, contact Terri Griffiths at 218-723-8000
Dec. 4—Kids for Kelley Book Swap, 3:30-5pm, St. Louis Park Rec Center
Dec. 6—Irish Holiday Party, 5-7pm, The Local, Minneapolis

We have *NEW* caucus information on our website. Learn why becoming a Kelley Delegate is important to our campaign, and how you can become part of the select few who decide which DFL candidate will have the opportunity to replace Governor Pawlenty in 2006. To find out more, click here. Let’s work together to return the governor’s office to the DFL. Imagine...this time next year we’ll have a governor we can respect, admire, and be proud of. Please visit to learn more about our campaign, contribute, or volunteer.

Have a great week.

Your Friends at Kelley for Minnesota

Where to start?

Well, first there's the claim that Kelley is a moderate Democrat. Everyone knows that he's the most liberal candidate in the field.

Secondly, the Kelley campaign and Minnesota Blue are in denial. The reason Kelley isn't mentioned by the GOP (or the media) is he's not one of the major candidates. Any support he had in the race was eatan up by Becky Lourey when she entered the race.

Why else has it been a bad week? Click here and here.


At 7:57 AM, Blogger MN Campaign Report said...

As with your "scapegoating" post, I ask you one simple question and a couple of corrolaries: Can you back up ANY of the assertions you're making? You "bet" if the computer records were examined? How do you define "most liberal"? Do you claim any kind of original work on these issues other than linking repeatedly to MDE?


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