Wednesday, December 28, 2005

St. Paul council member continues to discriminate

Now I know $25 isn't a lot in the long run for higher education, but this is just plain dumb.


As if the rising cost of tuition weren't enough, parents who send their children to college in St. Paul could feel an extra little pinch in their pocketbooks.

The city is exploring the idea of a $25 fee that would be added to a student's tuition bill, a move that would raise hundreds of thousands of dollars if it goes through.

"We're going to study it," said City Council Member Jay Benanav, who first proposed the idea as a way to cover the cost of city services associated with the 10 colleges and universities within city limits.

Benanav said the fee is modest when compared with the annual costs of education, which can run into the tens of thousands of dollars a year. "I don't want to say it's nothing, but it gets lost in the shuffle," Benanav said. (Source: Pioneer Press, Dec. 28, 2005)


Those familiar with Jay Benanav know that he takes any chance he gets to discriminate against college students.

I don't think Benanav realizes how much tax revenue college students bring in. There's pizza, beer, text books, beer, fast food, beer, taxis home from the bar, all of which get taxed.

This fee is discrimination against college students, plain and simple.

Maybe St. Paul should put a $25 fee on any council member with proposals meant to discriminate against any certain group of citizens.


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