Thursday, December 29, 2005

Pawlenty's national profile

The dream, contrary to what David Strom would have you believe, is not dead.

This morning John J. Miller set out a list of likely candidates in 2008. Although Pawlenty ranked bottom on the list, its safe to say that some on the list will certainly be off by 2007.


TIM PAWLENTY (5/N.A.): The darkest of dark horses, the governor of Minnesota might have been wise to hold out for a better budget agreement than the one he got last summer, after Democrats forced a temporary government shutdown. Aggressive tax cuts should be the next item on his agenda. He could become an attractive running mate. (Source: National Review Online, Dec. 29, 2005)

This is just one more reason the DFL will try their hardest to take down
Pawlenty in 2006.

Below I had provided my analysis of the entire list.

Allen: He could easily get the nomination, being a former governor helps. However he is currently a member of the Senate, and we all know the track record of senators being elected president. Also, his views on the confederate flag may no fly in the rest of the country. Its also not a good idea to classify the NAACP as an extremist group.

McCain: He'll have a hard time getting the nomination, but he would do well in the general election. Moderates win, plain and simple.

Romny: Is America is ready for a Mormon president?

Giuliani: I don't expect social conservatives to be fooled by his support of Alito and Roberts, nor should the NR guys expect to forget how Giuliani flaunted his mistress in the press.

Frist: His SEC investigation may hurt both his nomination and general election chances. Plus the guy has a personality that leaves a lot to be desired.

Barbour: A southern republican; evil in eyes of media.

Rice: How do you beat Hillary? With an African-American female Republican...but I agree that Governor of California is good place to start.

Pataki: Is the field big enough for two New Yorkers? No.

Newt: His chances for the nomination look real good, but Clinton, with the help of Dick Morris, made Newt to look like a fool to the general electorate.

Hagel: We thank him for his service, but he is a no-talent-ass-clown who wants to be McCain...I think this guy needs help.

Jeb: Bush = Katrina. Sorry Jeb. I also don't think American will go for a three-Bush presidency.

Hukabee: The guy wrote a book on losing weight and then he raised taxes. Not exactly what Republicans like to see on their nominees resumes. Then there is that southern republican thing with him too.

Brownback: Kansas?! We can do better than that.

Sanford: Who?! Oh...another southern Republican...

Santorum: To quote Bill Cooper, Santorum is "dead and doesn't even know it." He is going to lose. And lose big.

Pawlenty: Huckabee raises taxes and gets a better rating than Pawlenty? Maybe Pawlenty should get fat, lose the weight, write a book, raise taxes to get the respect he deserves. Seriously, Pawlenty could be our party's strongest vice-presidential candidate in ages, if he doesn't get the number one spot.


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