Saturday, December 17, 2005

Pawlenty Challenger Rumor

Earlier this week, the blogspohere was buzzing with the rumor of a Republican challenger to Gov. Pawlenty who may run as an independent candidate.

First on many people's minds was Sen. Brian LeCLair (56), including MN Publius who posted on it.

However, Residual Forces, the blog which originally posted the rumor has refused to name the individual, which lead many bloggers, including myself, to doubt the authenticity of the rumor.

One of my sources informed me that at a bar on Thursday evening, the running joke of the night was LeClair's supposed candidacy. Apparently even he was joking about it.

Now the Star Tribune picked up on the rumor in today's "the blog house" by Tim O'Brien.

First off, I believe whoever spoke to AAA said they were planning on running and were not even serious about it. AAA then posted it to drive hits to his website. If the rumor were true, I'm sure one of my contacts would have verified it. I would be curious to see who AAA was writing about running.

Secondly, the Star Tribune failed to note that the website was registered by a DFL activist.


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