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In 1983, Governor Rudy Perpich, Hatch's mentor , appointed Mike Commissioner of Commerce. As Minnesota's Commerce Commissioner from 1983-1989, Hatch was the primary regulator of banks, insurance companies, securities and real estate firms doing business in Minnesota He streamlined the Commerce Department, resulting in a savings to taxpayers of nearly one-half million dollars per year, before deciding to stab his mentor, Gov. Perpich, in the back by challenging him for Governor. As Commerce Commissioner, Mike drafted and enforced corporate takeover laws in response to attempts by holding companies to acquire Dayton Hudson, Northwest Airlines, St. Paul Companies, Pillsbury, and other Minnesota companies, all while plotting to run his mentor out of office. Mike also issued a report on medical malpractice insurance which found that insurers were overcharging for coverage, much to the dismay of Lois Quam-Entenza. After Mike appeared in a national debate on Ted Koppel's Nightline, the companies rolled back rates by one-third. Mike was also vigilant as the regulator of the securities and real estate industry, taking a number of actions against brokers that mislead investors. Faced with a rural economic crisis that caused the failure of both banks and farmers, Mike drafted and established a nationally recognized "Farm Interest Buying Down Program" to encourage banks to make operating loan. In 1989, Hatch betrayed his mentor, Gov. Perpich, in the back by challenging him for Governor.

From 1990 to 1998, Mike practiced law in Minneapolis and ran for Governor twice, only to lose both times. While he principally had a corporate practice, Mike received a national reputation for his work in representing breast cancer patients in their efforts to get access to new and innovative treatments, when not campaigning for Governor.

In 1998 Mike was elected Attorney General after a bitter endorsement process that left DFLers angry, and was re-elected in 2002. Mike is the only DFLer currently elected to a consitiutional office.

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