Saturday, December 17, 2005

Kelly Doran: A Man Without A Party II

Three weeks ago, I posted something on Kelly Doran's contributions to Democratic candidates and party units.

After being attacked by his Democratic opponents of not giving enough to Democratic groups and candidate, Doran sent an e-mail to some DFLers claiming that Doran has given plenty to Democratic causes over the past few years.

The funny part of the e-mail was when Doran's wife was brought into the equation for his contributions. The Doran campaign had to include her because she gave $8,850.00 to Kelly Doran's $4,100.00.

Doran then sent a letter to DFL Chair Brian Melendez about his past contributions.

Now Dane Smith put this story in today's Star Tribune.

In reference to a contribution which paid for an ad against a fellow Democrat, Len Price, Doran and Price have different recollections.


"I informed the senator that this was not a fair or good public policy," Doran wrote to Melendez. "He refused to change his approach and ultimately his bill was defeated in the Senate, mainly by fellow Democrats."

Price's recollection is different. He said that Doran never approached him about the issue and that he has never met him. The bill passed the Senate with strong DFL support but died in a conference committee because of Republican opposition, Price said. (Source: Star Tribune, Dec. 17, 2005)


I'm going to do some research and see who is telling the truth here. I hope to have the correct information on this by Monday.

Doran seems to think the attacks on his past are a coordinated effort.


Counterattacking, Doran suggests that the attacks might be a sign that he's being taken more seriously. Among his high-profile DFL opponents are Attorney General Mike Hatch and state Sens. Steve Kelley and Becky Lourey.

"I guess this means they're worried about us," Doran said in an interview Friday.

In the letter, he says, "this appears to be a coordinated effort," adding that "while I currently do not have any information that another campaign is involved in these efforts, I have stated many times that my campaign will not initiate these types of tactics." (Source: Star Tribune, Dec. 17, 2005)


I know for a fact that the Republicans aren't worried about Doran. The reason is that he has failed to take off. One of my DFL friends, who defines herself as a moderate progressive, has told me on several occasions that Steve Kelley has a stronger following that Doran in the race, and he's sitting in a comfortable third place right now.

The DFLers are being given a choice between three candidates who have failed in previous attempts for statewide office and an unknown candidate who, despite his millions, doesn't know how to play the game.

His recent actions, including his letter to Melendez, leads me to believe that Doran is just out for the sympathy vote.

Even after spending a large chunk of change in billboards and a very poor television ad, Doran still has very low name identification. If he's unable to turn that around, he'll stand no chance against Pawlenty.


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