Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hatch In His Own Words

Everyone knows that illegal immigration is a big issue in our country. It is perhaps the single illegal behavior which actually has many rewards and very few consequences.

Recently Gov. Pawlenty came out and said that illegal immigration (or "undocumented citizens" as my liberal friend refers to them) costs the state between $176 and $188 million!

Anyways, this is sure to be a big issue in the next few elections, both state and national. Hatch, who tries to be a moderate, may just have lost a few votes in Greater Minnesota this week with his comments on the issue:
And while Pawlenty has recently drawn attention on illegal immigration,holding a public hearing in Worthington, it's basically a federal issue. 'The governor has nothing to do with illegal immigrants,' [Hatch] said. 'He can kick it all around he wants, but it's a national policy.' A report from Pawlenty's office late last week showed the cost of illegal immigrants to state services, but Hatch said it failed to show positive attributes, such as providing low-cost labor and in paying taxes." ("Hatch brings campaign for governor to Bemidji," Bemidji Pioneer, Dec. 11, 2005)

MNGOP Chairman Ron Carey had this to say:
"Mike Hatch's deeply irresponsible comments on illegal immigration demonstrate a troubling misunderstanding of this important issue. For the chief law enforcement officer of the state to praise illegal immigration and dismiss any attempts to reform a system that costs Minnesotans $188 million a year is just flat out wrong. As a nation of immigrants, we should support immigration but immigration that is legal." (Source: MNGOP Press Release, Dec. 13, 2005)

Someone should have told Hatch that he probably lost a bunch of votes to Pawlenty over this one.


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