Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hatch Flip Flop of the Week, Vol. IV

I love this one becuase Mike Hatch admits he's not a team player na dbecause he says he's done with politics.

He's like a smoker trying to quit. Hatch keeps saying he'll get out of politics (or that he'll not run for governor again), but he can't help himself due to his fatal atraction with the Office of the Governor.

“Michael Hatch said Saturday he will not support Gov. Rudy Perpich because of the governor’s personal attacks against Independent-Republican challenger Jon Grunseth. … Hatch said he’s not supporting anyone for governor at this time. ‘Obviously, by doing this I have no further interest in politics. I’m burning my bridges,’ he said. Hatch said he believes he won’t be able to run for political office again because he’s not being a team player and supporting Perpich. He added: ‘That’s OK. I have other lives to live.’” (Betty Wilson, “Hatch Withdraws Perpich Support, Opposes Tactics,” Star Tribune, October 14, 1990)

For more on Mike Hatch, visit MikeUnhatched.com


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