Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hatch flip-flop of the week #6

Flip-Flop of the Week

Volume 1, Issue 6: Mike Hatch Flip-Flops On His Own Medica Appointees

Hatch Accused Own Medica Appointees Of “Hostile Takeover.”

“The outsiders assigned to reorganize Medica into a cost-effective, consumer-responsive health maintenance organization are not doing their jobs, argues Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch. Worse, he says they have engineered a ‘hostile takeover’ of Minnesota’s largest HMO. That’s pretty heavy criticism considering they were appointed mostly on Hatch’s recommendation. The appointments followed his office’s extensive audit of Allina, completed two years ago, that revealed a host of problems including wasteful spending.” (Jim McCartney, “Hatch Pans Own Medica Delegates,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, May 8, 2003)


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