Monday, December 26, 2005

Daunte Culpepper seeks pity

So I guess we're all supposed to feel sorry for Daunte Culpepper, right?

He began this season with a 1-3 start, was named (and later charged) in the Lake Minnetonka sex boat party in October and now is recovering from knee surgery. To top if off, Culpepper just lost an $8 million deal with FedEx.

What I find hilarious about all this, aside from Brad Johnson turning the team around, is Daunte Culpepper's pick for a defense attorney: Earl Gray (the person, not the tea).

For those of you who didn't catch MDE's take on this a few days back, Earl Gray is one of the attorneys who got unsuccessfully sent after Ron Eibensteiner in the Mower County proceedings.

Gray's choice of a defense strategy is quite ironic. You see, Gray has decided to claim there is a double standard being applied in this case.

Culpepper has the highest profile of the four Vikings charged this month with misdemeanors of indecent conduct, disorderly conduct, and lewd and lascivious conduct. Culpepper, offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie, cornerback Fred Smoot and running back Moe Williams all are expected to plead not guilty at a court hearing early next month.

Culpepper's lawyer, Earl Gray, says he is confident his client will be acquitted. On Thursday, in a sign of the aggressive defense he's planning, Gray accused Hennepin County prosecutors of having a double standard in the case because they have not charged a crew member on the boat who admitted he engaged in sexual activity with a woman on board. (Source: Star Tribune, Dec. 25, 2005)


The irony here is that Gray is the king of the double standard.

In the Eibensteiner case, which never should have gone to court in the first place, a double standard was applied. Instead of going after Eibensteiner and Mike Erlandson, Gray and his fellow prosecuting attorney Flanagan chose to only go after the then-Republican state chair, and not the DFL's as well.


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