Friday, December 02, 2005

An answer to MDE's question...

Earlier today MDE poted a Star Tribune letter-to-the-editor by Dan McElroy, Former Finance Commissioner and Senior Advisor to Governor Tim Pawlenty. McElroy asked, Where is John Gunyou (one of Pawlenty's biggest critics on the 04-05 and 06-07 budgets)?

Well I'd like to think Gunyou is hiding in a closet somewhere with egg all over his face. While many Minnesotans understood, as did Pawlenty, that when times get tough you have to tighten the belt, Gunyou stressed raising taxes.

Gov. Pawlenty's leadership in his firt year of office took a $4.56 billion deficit and turned it into a $337 million surplus. After this past session's tough budget battle, the Governor's budget plan will leave Minnesota with $701 million surplus.


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