Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Albert Lea Tribune applauds Gov. Pawlenty's Veteran Plan

In an editorial yesterday, the Albert Lea Tribune applauded Gov. Pawlenty's $12 million veteran plan.

Gov. Pawlenty couldn't have given war veterans and current military troops any nicer a Christmas present than he did Monday with his proposed initiatives and “Support Our Troops” license plates...

It's never too late to show our support for men and women who have sacrificed living, working and playing in the land of the free, and in far too many cases, sacrificed their life. We applaud the governor's proposal.
(Source: Albert Lea Tribune, Dec. 20, 2005)

I couldn't agree more. Gov. Pawlenty's plan gives veterans state-tax exempt military retirement pay, different forms of tuition breaks, college credit for qualified military training, etc.

Support Our Troops License Plates


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