Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2005 in review: Eibensteiner acquittal

RM's #4 political story of 2005 is the acquittal of former Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Ron Eibensteiner.

This story began in 2003 and concluded in 2005, only a hand full of weeks ago.

As many people have observed, including Mike Hatch's former friend, this was clearly an attempt by Hatch to score some cheap hits on the then-Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Ron Eibenstiener. This case was Hatch's second biggest loss of the year.

Here are some clips from the coverage on the case.

"This thing should have never been brought to trial in the first place," Jerich said. "There's no doubt in my mind that Hatch perpetrated this whole thing to get at the Republicans." (Source: Star Tribune, November 16, 2005)

Both Eibensteiner and the state Republican Party said the case was a political smear campaign and singled out Attorney General Mike Hatch, a Democrat who's running for governor next year, as the perpetrator. (Source: AP, Nov. 15, 2005)

These charges against Eibensteiner were a McCarthy-like attempt by Attorney General Mike Hatch to persecute, not prosecute, Eibensteiner for his political activities on behalf of Gov. Tim Pawlenty and the Republican Party. Hatch used the vast power and resources of his office to punish a political enemy, Eibensteiner, on trumped-up charges. (Source:
Pioneer Press, Nov. 29, 2005)


Below I have provided a few links regarding the story.

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