Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Unhatched: Flip Flop of the Week II

This week's Mike Hatch Flip Flop of the Week is "Hatch Vows To Abide By DFL Endorsement in 1990."

January 1990: Hatch Vowed To Abide By DFL Endorsement; Would Not Enter Primary. “Former state Commissioner of Commerce Michael Hatch announced Sunday that he’ll reluctantly challenge his ex-boss, Gov. Rudy Perpich, for the DFL endorsement for governor in the 1990 election. … State DFL Chair Ruth Stanoch said there’s a potential for a bitter DFL endorsing convention and primary election battle with Perpich, Hatch and possibly Senate DFL Majority Leader Roger Moe. Moe is expected to announce his candidacy this month. But Stanoch said that she’s confident the DFL Party will endorse a candidate at its state convention June 8-10, and that all the candidates will unite behind that person. Hatch said yesterday he would do so.” (Source: Star Tribune, Jan. 22, 1990)

March 1990: Hatch Reversed Himself; Would Enter Primary. “It became a sure thing Friday - DFLers will get to choose their nominee for governor in a contested primary this year. Challenger Michael Hatch guaranteed a primary battle yesterday by matching an earlier decision by Gov. Rudy Perpich. Hatch said his name will be on the Sept. 11 primary ballot, regardless of who is endorsed at the party’s June convention. Hatch, a former party chairman, had said he would abide by the endorsement. Yesterday he said he still expects to win it, but he said he had to go into the primary.” (Source: Star Tribune, March 17, 1990)


Maybe this is why he qualified his statement this time around.


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