Friday, November 11, 2005

Moonbat of the week

Of course there were many to choose from this week, but one person stands out above the rest, Ms. Klobuchar.

In an e-mail sent out yesterday, she claims that the Bush administration is failing our brave veterans. Little does she know, the Pres. Bush has done more in terms of increasing veterans funding than the Clinton adminstration.

And that is the Moonbat of the week.


At 7:20 PM, Blogger StPaul_DFLer said...

Umm, actually those stats are from mid 2001.
Clintons last budget went to 2001. So they are saying that Bush's proposed budget is beter than anyone since 2001. Well, who's been putting budgets forward since 2001? Well, hot damn! It's the Bush Administration. So, why are they pushing these numbers that haven't even passed their own Congress?

Because year after year this adminstration has proposed cuts to veterans benefits.

That's no bullsh*t. No smoke and mirrors, no spin. The truth. Ask any active veteran.

Permanant tax cuts for the rich are ok to push, but some dignity in services for our bravest is too much to ask.
What happened to Bush's first VA Secretary?

At 7:22 PM, Blogger StPaul_DFLer said...

Does that make you the dingbat of the week for posting this stuff without you checking your facts?

According to the Republicans own release, these are the biggest increases since the end of Clintons budget.

Do your homework RM and chek the budgets yourself. Its online.


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