Friday, November 18, 2005

Judging Amy II

Seeing that MDE is busy dealing with his lawyer, I felt it my duty to get some facts out.

While scrolling through the vast archives here at Republican Minnesota, I came across the story of a $10,000 per couple fundraiser President Clinton held in Minnesota.

The following selection is from a 2000 Pioneer Press article.

His first stop was a Democratic National Committee fund-raiser, at which 60 people paid $10,000 per couple to attend the intimate luncheon and reception at Key Investment Inc. near the top of the US Bank building. (Source: Pioneer Press, "Clinton's visit short, jam packed, June 11, 2000)

You may be saying,"But RM, things were different then. We weren't at war."

Well, I have two things to say about that.
First off, does it really matter? Ms. Klobuchar and the DFL are complaining about the cost of the fundraiser. In reality, the fundraiser held by the DNC in 2000 cost 5x more than the Kennedy fundraiser is reported to cost. (And that's before we count inflation)

Secondly, Pres. Clinton had protesters at one of his fundraisers that day. I'm guessing Rep. Kennedy will have them too.

Across the street, about 75 protesters from peace and justice groups waited before Clinton arrived, chanting in opposition to the drug war in Columbia, which they said helps right-wing interests and other causes. (Source: Pioneer Press, "Clinton's visit short, jam packed, June 11, 2000)

Here's the e-mail I got from Ms. Klobuchar:


Dear Republican Minnesota,

"Turn Up the Heat" on President Bush. Contribute today!

On December 9, President George W. Bush will be coming to Minnesota. Will he be coming to talk about the high costs of home energy for Minnesota families? Or the record-high profits of the oil companies? No. He will be in Minnesota for the anointed Republican candidate, Mark Kennedy, for a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser and will pose in photos for donors who raise $10,000.

While George W. Bush and Mark Kennedy are rubbing elbows with their well-heeled donors, our campaign is focused on creating solutions for people, for a change. Last week, we launched our first ads of the campaign. Our internet ads and radio ad "Raking It Up" takes on the Big Oil companies, who have been earning record corporate profits while the price of gas went up to nearly $3 per gallon this summer. Thank you for ensuring we are able to run our ads across the internet and on the airwaves of Northeastern Minnesota.

But stopping the "gas price gouging" is only one component of what we need in a comprehensive energy plan.

It's time for a true national energy strategy that will promote "Energy Freedom and Opportunity" for all Americans. This past Monday, I spoke at the University of Minnesota to outline some of my ideas for such an energy strategy. And the response was overwhelming. Minnesotans realize we need a change.

We've already had to contend with skyrocketing prices at the gas pump, and now we face the prospect of record-high heating costs this winter. And in the long-term, a growing dependence on foreign oil threatens America's prosperity and national security.

But homegrown renewable energy like ethanol and wind power promise to transform our economy, reform our foreign policy, protect our natural resources, and renew and restore our rural communities. Here's what I think we need to do:

Gas Price Gouging Penalty. Oil companies should be subject to financial sanctions for price gouging and market manipulation. They should be required to use their enormous profits to provide relief for consumers and to make greater investments in renewable energy.

Ethanol, Biodiesel and Biomass. I want to take Minnesota's new 20% standard for ethanol content in gasoline and extend it to the national level, while also supporting biodiesel and other biomass fuels.

Wind Power and Renewable Electricity Standards. Minnesota already has a 10% renewable electricity standard that calls on utilities to supply a minimum percentage of their electricity from renewable sources like wind power and solar. We should elevate this standard to the national level -- and then require that 20% of the electricity generated by 2020 come from renewable sources.
Energy Efficiency and Vehicles. Incentives should be strengthened for both the manufacture and purchase of hybrid and flexible-fuel vehicles that offer better fuel economy and rely more on renewable energy like ethanol and biodiesel. The federal government's cars and trucks should be converted to a fuel-efficient fleet by 2010.

Research & Development. The federal government must provide greater support to public-private partnerships to jump-start research and development on renewable energy technologies. We've already seen examples of this work here in Minnesota, like the Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment and the Energy Alley Research Workgroup.

As we have seen through the information age and the technology boom, an emerging renewable energy revolution will create new industries, generate millions of high-tech jobs, and bring sweeping productivity advances throughout the economy.

If you'd like to read more of my ideas about a national energy strategy, click here to check out a copy of the speech I delivered at the University of Minnesota on Monday. And if you like what you see, I hope you'll helps us "Turn Up the Heat" on George W. Bush.

Contribute to our campaign supporting our "Gas Price Gouger" radio ads. We're over halfway to our $25,000 goal. Please help put us over the top.
Thank you for your support.

Amy Klobuchar


I find it funny that Ms. Klobuchar calls Rep. Kennedy the "annointed candidate." I know a few DFLers who say the same about her.


At 4:56 PM, Blogger StPaul_DFLer said...

Yeah but the DFL didn't clear the field for her. She still has an endorsement battle and a gauranteed primary battle.

Kennedy just has to raise money until mid-september 2006 when he has to face the DFL challenger.

Rod Grams, Gil Gutknecht and Mary Kiffmeyer were all strongly discouraged from getting in the race.

It appeared that Gutknecht and Grams were not getting the message so Ron Ebinstiener and Norm Coleman worked almost every single elected Republican in the legislature, Constitutional offices and Cong. Kline to support Kennedy very early, which in turns dry up the ability for others to fundraise and become viable.

That's kingmaking and one reason Ron Ebinsteiner is only in the headlines today when he beats a rap, instead of being one of he most successful GOP Chairs you guys ever had.


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